TL;DR — SCARCE on Uniswap exchange trading officially starting on January 16, 22:00 UTC. Yield farming shall be activated on the platform at the same time. Presale continues until then.

SCARCE token has seen huge support earlier until the ETH price suddenly raised significantly. Presale softcap still requires less than 10 ETH to reach the target. However, since ETH price went up, SCARCE team has decided to list SCARCE on Uniswap anyway. But there will have some small changes in the pricing model to protect against instant dumping.

Since ETH price raised, most of the investors will try to dump…

Softcap reached 90%+, Exchange listing delaying for five days to get complete the cap and use it in the Uniswap liquidity pool. The best DeFi tool yet to release. More info below.

Buy SCARCE now

HAPPY NEW YEAR from SCARCE team! We can’t thank the community enough for the incredible amount of support we’ve received so far, with special mention to the community team on Telegram and Twitter. We have a lot of new stuff for 2021, rest assured the very best is yet to come.

Since SCARCE didn’t hit the softcap on time, Uniswap listing was postponed for 5…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone, we wish a very best year ahead with your family, DeFi investment, and SCARCE token. As you know, SCACRE seed round was successfully sold out, it still opens in the next round. Since the world is blessed by this festive season, ScarcityDeFi team wants to bring more rewards to the presale participants.

Key points: Token sale softcap reached 82% by now, we expect to reach the goal very soon.

During Christmas day, there was the biggest bonus with 40% SCARCE token, however, you are not too late. SCARCE still offering some bonus tokens…

We want to inform you, our presale Seed Round has been closed for a couple of hours now. We are excited to tell you, we got huge support from all of you. Not only in the token sale but also spreading our name around the internet, giving us feedback, well wishes, and new ideas, etc. Thank you everyone for all the support and love.

So far, we have sold nearly 608 SCARCE and raised nearly 31 ETH. We understand we have some marketing lacks so many people don’t know about us. Especially for people who don’t speak English. During the…

Are you still living behind the DeFi race? You will regret it. Make your best move right now, get the best out of your crypto portfolio. Millions of dollars are being invested in decentralized projects since the uniswap revolution, it seems it’s not going to end anytime soon. But you have to be wise and choose the best projects to put your hard-earned money to work for you.

We introduce you ScarcityDeFi that can turn your investment into a huge potential profit. If you are unfamiliar with our project, we ask you to read our documents on the webpage. …

In this festive season, we can’t wait to entertain our early supporters. Christmas came early in the ScarcityDeFi community, and we have some exclusive offers to the presale contributors. The offers are limited and can only be claimed until we have an ending announcement in the blog or on our social channels.

Limited Edition NFT Drop

Our first NFT drop token SCARCE token holders are coming exclusively to only presale contributors in a couple of days. These NFTs can be exchanged with tradable insurance that is baked with up to 100 UNI (Uniswap) tokens.

Here is how it works:

  1. Presale contributor addresses are tracked and dropped limited edition SCARCE…

Everyone gets 0.025 ETH worth token reward in this airdrop. Read more below.

We are thankful to all our supporters who truly stands with us and bring value in not only our project but as a whole blockchain supporter. At we always want to reward our users, so we had run a simple airdrop program. now we need to adjust some of the reward mechanism, which will be profitable to legit participants.

The original plan was to distribute 700 tokens to 7000 participants. But we see, we got over 10k form entries with only 1k valid participation. Now, we…

[Caution: We are not listed in Uniswap yet, please avoid any fake tokens and make sure you are purchasing ETHERSCAN VERIFIED token token.]

SCAREC token is not yet listed in Uniswap. We noticed some scammers are impersonating our identity and creating fake SCARCE tokens, selling on DEXs including uniswap, and stealing hundreds of ETH. Please be aware, we don’t have any relation with them. Our presale is only open on our official website, the presale address is given only on Make sure to check out SCARCE token contract on etherscan before you proceed

SCARCE is a must-have token…

Quick take: SCARCE token is extremely limited in supply, getting even scarcer by burning 4% token when user integrating with smart contract. Yield farming designed to maximize earning with multiple rewards including USDT stable token. This is a must have token in your DeFi portfolio.

SCARCE is a deflationary token that is designed to maximize yield farming, while the protocol builds a vault with locked liquidity, and 90% of all yields from liquidity mining will be used to buy back SCARCE on active Uniswap market, and pay the reward on SCARCE tokens. SCARCE token is extremely limited in supply. …

Scarcity DeFi

SCARCE is a deflationary token that is designed to maximize yield farming, while the protocol builds a vault with locked liquidity forever.

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