NFT Drop & Early Christmas Exclusive Offers To ScarcityDeFi Supporters

In this festive season, we can’t wait to entertain our early supporters. Christmas came early in the ScarcityDeFi community, and we have some exclusive offers to the presale contributors. The offers are limited and can only be claimed until we have an ending announcement in the blog or on our social channels.

Limited Edition NFT Drop

Our first NFT drop token SCARCE token holders are coming exclusively to only presale contributors in a couple of days. These NFTs can be exchanged with tradable insurance that is baked with up to 100 UNI (Uniswap) tokens.

  1. Presale contributor addresses are tracked and dropped limited edition SCARCE NFT “Scarcean King”.
  2. The NFT “Scarcean King” holders will receive “Scarcean King Sword” NFT. Claiming the second one requires a smatcontract call request.
  3. Scarcean King Sword can be traded for UNI (Uniswap) token for up to 100 UNI. The claimable reward depends on how long you hold the “Scarcean King Sword”. The longer you hold, the bigger the reward. The minimum reward is 1 UNI, maximum 100 UNI.
  4. You cannot trade before 30 days. the reward breakdown will be published once the NFT dropped to the addresses.
  5. You cannot claim after 730 days. Maximum 100 UNI can be claimed after 400 Days.
  6. Holding date and times are calculated since the last transaction of the NFT item. For example, if you transact between your own addresses, last tx dates are taken into account.
  7. NFT items are allowed to trade in an open market like Opensea.

Up to 10% exclusive bonus to our recommended wallet users

This event exclusively launching to entertain users who use our recommended wallets — Trust Wallet, Enjin Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Mist Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Coinbase Wallet, or Metamask wallet. Are you one of them?

5% to 10% Bonus added to our presale contributors who use one of the above-mentioned wallets.

  1. Visit our presale website
  2. Buy any amount of SCARCE token. (If you help, read this how-to purchase tutorial)
  3. Take a screenshot of your SCARCE balance in your wallet.
  4. Send a DM to @scarcean on telegram. Provide the screenshot along with tx hash id.
  5. That’s it. @scarcean may not reply, but don’t worry, you are good to receive the bonus reward in a few days.
  6. We may ask you to sign a message using the same wallet address if we suspect anything suspicious.
  7. Reward bonus calculated randomly, however, higher limits ensure maximum bonus.
  8. Transaction before 11420134 block are not allowed. Transaction before Dec-09–2020 05:52:15 PM +UTC is not allowed.
  9. We reserve all rights to change the rules at any time without notice.

So many exciting things to come in our community, you should not miss the opportunity to become one of the luckiest early adopters. SCARCE limited supply and 4% token burn making it more scarcer and lucrative to investors. We are thankful to all our supporters who truly stands with us and bring value in not only our project but as a whole blockchain supporter. So, we want to remind you, we have an active airdrop ongoing, you can participate.

Warning: We are not listed in exchange yet, some scammers are impersonating our identity with fake tokens. We will be listed in Uniswap and Probit once the presale is closed. Stay alert, stay safe.

SCARCE is a deflationary token that is designed to maximize yield farming, while the protocol builds a vault with locked liquidity forever.